Sunday, May 20, 2012

What is the Most Common Complaint During Pregnancy and Its Solutions

Hormonal And body shape changes during pregnancy can cause discomfort to the mother. Here are some of the complaints that may be experienced by pregnant women and its solution:

1. Waist and Back Pain
Tiredness or excessive activity can cause pregnant women experience waist and back pain.
Solution: Reduce the activity and keep your posture upright and not bent.

2. Tiredness
Many occurred in the last trimester of pregnancy.
Solution: Pay attention to body condition and adequate rest.

3. Dizziness
Pregnant women with low blood pressure more often tend to experience it.
Solution: Sit with both legs lifted position or sprawled on the bed.

4. Swelling
The growing belly will add weight to support the body so that not infrequently the feet become swollen.
Solution: Maintain a diet (reduce coffee and tea, and drink plenty of water) and rest with your feet higher than the head (put pillows under your feet).

5. Insomnia
When the third trimester, most pregnant women often have difficulty sleeping, due to various problems of pregnancy such as back pain, burning sensation in the chest, and cold to pee constantly. But researchers at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City stated that one of the causes of this sleep disorder is an overactive fetus.
Solution: Pregnancy massage is very beneficial dealing with insomnia.

6. Leg Cramps
The cause is presumably due to pregnancy hormones, calcium deficiency, tiredness , pressure on the uterine muscles, less moving so that blood circulation is not smooth.
Solution: Increase foods that contain calcium like milk, dairy products, salmon, or sardines. If the cramps strike, sit down and straighten your legs are sore. Bend the ends of your toes, and pull toward the body. Repeat until the cramps disappear.

7. Morning Sickness
Morning sickness occurs because of development of the placenta and produce a kind of HCG hormone. The higher of these hormones stimulate vomiting.
Solution: Pay attention to your diet (avoid acidic or spicy foods and dairy products) and eat just enough (a little, but often). And you can also add grated ginger in your tea to relieve morning sickness.