Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Not Wrinkle Your Clothes in a Suitcase

Do you often traveling out of town or overseas for office duties? If so, then packing the goods, especially clothes, to be the one thing you should know well, so after arriving at the destination, you will no longer be bothered to deal with wrinkled clothes. Below are some tips that clothes are not wrinkled in a suitcase:
  1. Do not include goods / clothes exceeded the capacity of your suitcase.
  2. Try to bring clothes from materials that do not wrinkle.
  3. Roll t-shirts and underwear. These rolls can serve to protect the items vulnerable to damage, by putting it in rolls.
  4. Use a bag / suitcase as needed. The bag is too big to leave plenty of space and increase the risk of damage.
  5. Button up all the clothes, so that its shape does not change.
  6. Open the bag / suitcase and remove all the items in it as soon as you arrive at the inn.
  7. Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while you shower with warm water, steam hot water will reduce wrinkles on clothes.

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