Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Your Baby

Nowadays there are many kinds of baby shoes with a cute and beautiful models available in the market, but that does not mean that you have to buy all these products. Actually, you should not invest too much in the shoe, at least until your child is ready to walk out. You need to do is to find and choose a pair of shoes that are safe for your baby. Below are 6 things you should know when choosing shoes for your baby:

1. Look for shoes that offer flexibility and foot protection.

2. Make an agreement with the pediatrician to measure your baby's feet properly. This is important because the shoes are too tight or loose can cause major problems for the baby. Such as difficulty walking, pain, foot blisters, easy to fall and many more. Especially if your baby's feet differ in size between one another. For example, if one foot of your baby is larger than one another, then choose a pair of shoes that fit the larger foot. It is safer than wearing shoes with a smaller size.

3. Avoid shoes made of rigid and hard material.
Maybe you think this shoe would be stronger for your baby who just learning to walk. However, these shoes are actually shown to inhibit the development of the child to walk, because these shoes do not allow your child to practice balance well.

4. Choose shoes made of a comfortable, soft and gentle material like a canvas so that no blisters.

5. Make sure the ankle can go well in the circle of shoes without leaving blisters or a rash. Also avoid a cover foot design with accessories made of sharp or hard material.

6. Choose shoes with non-slip soles.

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