Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Choose the Right Pool for Your Children

Nowadays many parents who frequently take their kids to swim in the pool, because of many benefits derived from its water sports. Below are some tips for choosing a swimming pool in accordance with the needs of your child:

1. Children's pool

This pool forms a smaller and shallow, making it easier to control and minimize the risk of drowning. Generally, the temperature of the water in the pool is warmer than the main pool. Warm air and water in this pool will make the child feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere at the pool is more relaxed and interesting. Some provide games such as sled. And, of course, accompanying the child can go into this pool.

For children who are easily nervous in crowds, parents need to make sure the time at which the pool is not too full. This is important especially in the early introduction of children to the swimming pool. Thus children should not have to face two problems at once: a swimming pool and the crowd. Once he feels comfortable with swimming activities, parents can take him swimming in a bit crowded.

2. Depth of the pool

Depth of the children's pool is usually around 0.5 meters, so the child can enter and exit the pool with ease. Generally, in this pool children will be more confident because they can stand without buoy. But, too long in this pool can make the child accustomed to set foot into the bottom of the pool so he was quickly nervous in the deeper pools. However, no matter how shallow children's pool, children must remain supervised. Children can drown even in very shallow water.

3. Completeness of the pool

For children's pool, you also need to pay attention to the entrance and exit to the pool. What shape the stairs? Or ramps and straight? Some children prefer to walk alone into the pool rather than being held. If this happens, parents should be teaching them to pay attention to security in and out of the pool. Ask them to pay attention to the sharp edge of the stairs, or walking without haste on a sloping driveway so as not to slip.

In the main pool, parents can hold children with more comfortable and make eye contact. Children can more quickly learn to swim because since the beginning of his feet do not touch the bottom of the pool. For older children and brave enough, he can learn to jump from the edge of the pool with the help of an adult in the pool. Note that when you bring children into the main pool, you have to be ready mentally and not nervous, because these conditions will also affect your child's readiness.

4. Other facilities

If you bringing small children, you need to consider whether the mat is available in the locker room or changing table, diaper disposal, floor mats are not slippery, and a safe place to play or a special chair for children when you have to change clothes. Do not forget to check the storage of goods, especially if you will bring a stroller or other equipment. The position of the toilet should not be far away from the pool, especially if your child just learning to pee by himself. Also ask whether the swimming pool hire out a big towel. If not, you need to bring your own, including extra towels, because young children can quickly lose his body heat. And, though still a child, do not forget to apply sunscreen when he would swim.

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