Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Overcome Hiccups With Easy Ways

Surely, you've had the hiccups. If the hiccups are coming in at a bad time, for example, when you will be meeting or presentation, of course it would be very disturbing you. Hiccups occur due to the diaphragm (midriff between the chest and abdomen) twitch. As a result of the vocal cords close rapidly, thus producing a loud noise. Below are some tips provided by the National Library of Medicine to overcome the hiccups:
  1. Try to hold your breath for several seconds. Then exhale slowly. Repeat this action for several times.
  2. If #1 does not work, drink a glass of water while holding your breath while swallowing, it is usually quite helpful.
  3. You can also direct the paper bag in front of your mouth and then inhale and exhale slowly.

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