Saturday, May 19, 2012

Obesity in Toddlers: Diseases, Characteristics and Solutions

Most of mothers are proud when their babies praised beacuse they are chubby and cute. But, you should be wary, because obesity is a health issue, because it occurs due to an imbalance of energy needs.

Disease that can arise due to obesity
  1. Disorders of liver disease (liver tissue shrinkage, and even liver cancer).
  2. Blockage or respiratory disorders during sleep, with symptoms of incontinence to snore.
  3. Age is shorter than their parents generation.
  4. Heart and blood vessel disease, such as enlargement of the heart or blood pressure elevation.
  5. Disorders of glucose metabolism. For example, glucose intolerance.
  6. Position of bone disorders, clubfoot or a slipping of the thigh joints (especially the boys).
  7. Skin disorders, especially in the folds, due to frequent rubbing.
  8. Eye disorders, such as double vision, too sensitive to light, and the views became more narrow limits.

The characteristics of obese in toddlers to watch out
  1. rounded face.
  2. chubby cheeks.
  3. double chin.
  4. The neck is relatively short.
  5. Chest swelled, with enlarged breasts because they contain fatty tissue.
  6. Belly bulge with multiple abdominal wall.
  7. Both of legs are generally X-shaped, with both the inner groin and rub against each other. As a result, there arose a blister.
  8. In the boys, the penis looks small because it is hidden in the fat tissue.

Solutions to overcome obesity in toddlers
  1. Set the toddler diet.
    Choose a diet for toddlers with the nutrients are balanced and with the right amount.
  2. Physical activity.
    With physical activity, energy out is expected to be balanced with the amount of food consumed.
  3. Give exclusive breastfeeding.
    With breast milk will not make excessive intake of milk toddlers.


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