Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Choose Comfortable Baby Clothes Properly

The presence of a baby in the middle of the family is a beautiful gift for any couple, especially for those who are newly married. All purposes and needs of the baby is definitely going to try to be met. One of them is baby clothes. As a parent, you certainly want to see your baby looks beautiful with a particular model, though the clothes will be uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, in choosing your baby's clothes should be more selective and look at it from different angles, from the model, color and comfort. Here are some guidelines in choosing clothes for your baby:
  1. Choose the size that fits with the baby's body.
    Baby whose has bigger body would be difficult to move when wearing narrow clothes.
  2. Adjust the material clothes with the climate and weather.
    For a tropical climate, choose baby clothes from a material that easily absorbs sweat and subtle, such as cotton or jersey. While in cold climates, choose clothes that are made from slightly thicker but still soft and comfortable.
  3. Avoid clothing from synthetic materials.
    Materials such polyster do not absorb sweat that can cause skin rashes.
  4. Prioritize function rather than a model.
    Choose clothes that are simple and in accordance with a young baby's body so as not to impede their activities.
  5. Avoid choosing a shirt or pants that are too long when your baby can crawl, so the baby more freedom in the move.
  6. Note the position of the clothing label.
    Good position labels are located away from baby's skin, for example, in addition to the outside of clothing. This is to avoid the baby's skin from blisters and irritation.
  7. Do not choose a dress with lots of accessories.
    Accessories such as rope, ribbon, beads or sequins. In addition to discomfort, baby often chewed the clothes. Clothes with smock on the chest, should also be avoided because it is too tight and can be smothering the baby.
  8. Avoid collars that are too narrow and thick.
    This will make the baby feel uncomfortable and difficult to move.
  9. Avoid using elastic band.
    Elastic band has a strong adhesive force. It's better if you using the rubber thread is more gentle adhesive.
  10. Do not choose baby clothes with buckles of metal (iron).
    Iron can rust and when the baby began to hold and insert the hand into the mouth, the rust was carried.
  11. Wash your baby clothes in advance of the newly purchased to be more gentle when used and the baby is protected from dirt.


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