Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Organize Your Children's Room with Simple Way

Does your child ready to sleep alone? If so, now is the time for you to start organizing for your child's room, of course according to their age. Because children have different needs and interests in accordance with their development. Here are some tips for organizing the child's room:

1. Ensure good ventilation.
With good ventilation, a child's room is not stuffy and always get a light and fresh air.

2. Consider your child's room a safety factor.
The kids are always active, so the safety factor should be the primary concern. If the child is under 4 years old, do not put too much furniture in order to make they feel free while playing in the room. Make sure there are no messy wires or an open socket.

3. Keep your child's bed is not too high.
If necessary attach a safety at the bedside so that he does not fall during sleep.

4. Give an educative picture or poster of their favorite characters.
To be more attractive rooms, attach the posters of his favorite figures or educational pictures such as images of various kinds of animals or large alphabet flashy.

5. Keep bedroom window has a trellis or lattice to anticipate the child to climb out the window.

6. Choose a rounded corner room furniture and drawer pull (knob) does not stand out.

7. At the preschool child's room, add a desk so he could keep knick-knacks and pictures of parents and older brother or sister.

8. Avoid computer or television in the child's room.
This is because you can not always control what kids watch or what is accessed on a computer. Familiarize children watching television and playing computer in the living room or workspace.


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