Monday, May 28, 2012

What are the Differences in Pregnancy Age of 20s, 30s and 40s

The presence of a baby in the house is a very desirable thing for most married couples. But there are more important things considered before a woman decides to get pregnant, that her health condition. Each stage of the age of women having different health conditions. Risk pregnancies experienced also be differently. Below is a difference in the pregnancy age of 20s, 30s and 40s:

Age of the 20s: Body Fit, The Right Time
At the age of 20, women are very good physical condition, and had peak fertility. The advantages pregnant while in their 20s are:
  • Minimal risk of miscarriage. This is because the ovum is relatively young, so it is relatively stronger even in the first trimester.
  • A good ovum quality reduces the chance of birth defects, caused by abnormalities of chromosome number.
  • Young women are more resistant to health problems during pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy at a young age allows women actively care for and raise children in a long time.

Age of the 30s: Age hard to conceive
In general, pregnancy in the 30s, is considered quite risky, because:
  • Physical conditions that no longer fit, making pregnant women feel more tired and less likely to withstand the attacks of morning sickness.
  • At this age there were many health complaints during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These health problems often affect the process of childbirth. It is this factor which causes the labor of women in the age of 30 tend to be more frequently performed by caesarean section.
  • The risk of miscarriage reaches 11.7%, if the pregnancy in the range of 30-34 years of age. Meanwhile, at the age of 35-39 years, the risk increases to 18%. Other risks are: Placenta previa, placenta abruption, less weight infants and infants born prematurely. The most serious is the possibility of a baby suffering from disorders such as Down syndrome (1: 952 births), and abnormal number of chromosomes (1:385 births).

Age of the 40s: Pregnancy risk
If not maintained then the pregnancy at the age of the 40s, very prone to miscarriage.
  • This condition is caused by several things, such as ovum quality that no longer fit, it is likely that began fragile lining of the uterus and reduced blood supply.
  • Babies born also at risk of physical abnormalities. Like the larger size of the baby's head, flat nose and closed (a little inside), genitals and chest look puffy.
  • Nevertheless, health technology has evolved allowing an 40-year old mother to remain pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. As long as mothers maintain their health and to the doctor regularly during their pregnancy. This step is performed to monitor fetal development.


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