Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What are some positive and negative effects of home schooling for your children ?

Currently homeschooling becomes more popular than before, and now many children who prefer to study at home with a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, until now homeschooling still be pros and cons. Not all parents agreed that their children learn at home. They are still unsure of homeschool learning methods for the achievement and the development of their child. Here are the positive and negative of homeschooling you should know before deciding to homeschool your child:

Positive Effects :

1. Freedom to learn
Children who do homeschooling have the option to learn. They are free to choose what they want to learn and when they want to learn. They also do not always dwell on the task of the school that sometimes burdensome .

2. Apart from the physical burden
Based on the experiences of parents whose children are undergoing homeschooling, they claim to have a lot of free time after their children leave the public school system. The rhythm of their lives no longer revolve child during school hours, school work or attendance at school, which they must attend.

3. Emotional freedom.
Pressure, competition and boredom is the most distinctive part of the school. Promiscuity, fighting, smoking and illicit drugs is also feared that parents can not supervise their children at all times. With homeschooling, this negative effect can be avoided. They also can look, act or think in accordance with his conscience, without fear.

4. Family ties are getting closer.
Homeschooling became an important role in improving relations among all family members. This is very beneficial for parents who have a young children. Generally, at a young age, they tend to be rebellious and destructive behavior. However, this effect was reduced after they followed homeschooling.

5. Adequate rest.
Sleep is very important for emotional and physical health of children, especially teenage years. Routine of waking up in the morning in the public schools, sometimes making them feel tired, especially those not ussual wake in the morning. However, with homeschooling, they can arrange a good sleep schedule.

Negative Effects :

1. For single parents whose children are undergoing homeschooling, it may be a bit difficult to set the time.
Because activity in the office, sometimes you do not have time to engage and interact with your child while learning. In fact one of the success of this method is the support of parents.

2. Together with kids for 24/7.
No need to doubt if you choose homeschooling children fatherly means you must be prepared to spend more time with them. If you do not enjoy being with them, then homeschooling is not the right choice.

3. Cost of education.
For parents who have just build a career, finances are one of the problems encountered. Certain costs incurred for the education of home schooling is more formal education than public schools.

4. There is no competition or rivalry.
Children can not compare to where his ability than other children her age. In addition, children may not feel comfortable if it were taught by the parents themselves, especially if they do not have any previous teaching experience.

5. Scope of interaction with peers from different social status is limited.
Yet it is this which can provide valuable experience to learn to live in the community.